HP All-In-One "status.msi" Fix

Friday, August 28th, 2009
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Friday, August 28th, 2009

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Working on a client's computer recently, I decided to run the HP Update software. After successfully installing a few items, along with some windows updates, I rebooted the computer, only to find a dialogue box asking for the location of status.msi. Ugh! I don't know what it is about HP software developers, but they need to be fired! I'm yet to see a piece of software come from HP that is actually worth $0.02...

Ok, so what did I do... Knowing that the HP update software downloaded the update, I figured it wasn't too likely that it deleted the update after installing it. So, I decided to dig through the logged in account's Temp folder and voila! There was an HP Update folder with three more folders! Inside those folders were single files, each different, I'm guessing the various updates that ran. I don't really care at this point. What I need to explain though is that the file we are looking for was located in: ....\Temp\HPUpdate\12146 with the specific name: slp_dd_hathi_hpu_110_009.exe

Whether this file is the one you will have, I don't know... However, this method worked for me.

I copied that file to c:\program files\HP, and created a new folder called "statusfix". Then extracted the files from slp_dd_hathi_hpu_110_009.exe into the "statusfix" folder. (Download a program called 7-zip to make it easy to extract; after installing, right click -> 7-zip -> extract) Anywho, somewhere inside the folder that you extracted, you should see a "status" folder with the 'status.msi' file sitting inside there. Now, the reason I recommend to extract all of this to the program files, is to prevent the problem from happening again.

Once you have the file extracted, simply point the dialogue box that is asking for "status.msi", to the newly extracted location, hit "ok" and you should be good!

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Wichita Computer Guy;

Your post is 2009/8/28 and it is now 2013/1/4.

HP has still not addressed this status.msi problem which they created.
I just discovered the status.msi problem.

I have not tried your solution but I will.

I did send a nasty note to HP.
I hope HP gets a ton of nasty notes for this one.

Did you read HP's solution? It sucks.
I told them that they created it and they should solve it.
The greater majority of HP's customers do not have that kind of computer savvy.

I also agree with you that the HP software developers should be fired.


One other thing you "might" try, is to use the original software that came with the printer. In some situations, putting the original CD in, will allow the installer to find the necessary files. I have run into issues with that method as well though...

Hope you can get it figured out :)