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Small to Medium Sized Businesses

I support small to medium sized businesses with basic computer environments. If you have a Windows or Linux server in your environment, your setup may be out of my scope of support, but I'm willing to offer a free consultation to find out.

My typical business clients range anywhere from 1 to 20 employees and have a simple infrastructure of computers. If your setup is basic, all you need is basic IT service and that's what I provide.

Your business should never have an expense. Money spent should always be an investment.
~ Dave Ramsey

Small Business Computer Repair

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With over 20 years of hands on experience, I can find a solution to just about any problem you might have with your computer. Since I focus on small business computer needs, I can visit your onsite to troubleshoot the issue.

Windows Repair

Chances are, if you're running a Windows© based computer in your business environment, you're going to have some sort of problem with it. I have the most experience with Windows based computers and can fix most issues without a full re-install. If it's hardware related, I can usually find a part to fix whatever has gone bad.

Apple & Other OS Repair

If you have an Apple© or other type of computer, I'm willing to look at it, but I can't promise anything.

Email Authentication Help

Problems with email deliverability from your own company domain email? Chances are, your email isn't properly authenticating and this will cause the recipients servers to reject or send your message to the junk folder.

If you are in the Wichita area and have trouble getting email to send on behalf of your domain, I can help you setup the SPF records, DKIM signing and implement a DMARC policy to ensure that every email that is sent on your behalf, is seen as a legitimate email and not a spoof.

You would be amazed at how how easy it is to send email on your domains behalf and spoof it to appear as though you sent it. This opened up a world of crime from bad actors and the driving reason behind the internet gurus implementing several protocols to make sure this doesn't happen to you.

These protocols aren't hard to implement, but if you aren't familiar with them or don't know how to set them up, that's where I step in to help get things sorted out.

I support the Wichita and surrounding areas and can help out remotely to anyone outside the Kansas area.

Networking Setup & Support

The Wichita Computer Guy offers both wired and wireless networking installation and support for small business customers.

Router, Firewall, Switches, Modems, Access Points etc.

If you need basic wired or wireless networking help such as help with the router, firewall or switches within your environment, I can help advise and setup those devices. I can work with most existing equipment, however if new equipment is required, I will usually recommend and push for higher end networking equipment designed specifically for small to medium business locations unless I feel the environment is basic enough to run cheaper, lower quality equipment.

Cable Management

In case you need help with physical copper network lines, I can terminate wired networking of existing cable runs (Cat5e & Cat6) however I refuse to run lines unless they are super easy to run such as lines over ceiling tiles or running lines in new / open construction. Typically for new construction, your electrical guys will run lines. Termination usually includes the patch panel, wall plates and adding RJ45 connectors where needed. I am unable to service fiber lines.

Complex Networks

If you are a business customer with a large or complex network, I unfortunately will not be able to offer services for your environment at this time.

Printer Setup & Support

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Despite the paperless world of computers, the need always arises to print something off, whether it is travel plans, business meeting notes or customer forms.

InkJet & Laser Printers

I can setup both InkJet and LaserJet printers for you office needs. This includes physically unboxing and setting up the printer as well as ensuring the connected computer(s) have the appropriate software and drivers to make it work.

If your business tends to print a large amount of pages, I recommend purchasing a LaserJet printer instead of the traditional InkJet printer. LaserJet printers come in both monochrome (black & white) as well as color options. While the price of a color LaserJet can be quite a bit more than an InkJet printer from the initial purchase and ongoing maintenance, the savings are seen over the life of the printer. If you don't print very much, buy an InkJet.

Hardware Upgrades

Most newer computers, already have what it takes to make a decent system. However, if you have an older computer or opted for a cheap computer up front, a few minor upgrades might make the difference between a fast older computer and forking out some money for a brand new one.

Typical Hardware Upgrades & Replacements

  • Memory
  • Hard Drive / SSD Drive
  • Video Card
  • Power Supply
  • Monitor

Obviously there are a lot of other components that can be upgraded, however adding memory and a solid state drive can produce the biggest performance increase. It really comes down to deciding if you want to spend $300 on a few minor upgrades or put that money towards another computer.

Data Management Solutions

File Storage & Data Backup

Data is the bread and butter of any business and for some companies, it IS their bread and butter. Not having a solid data management plan can put your business at risk for having the doors open one day and being out of business the next. Have you ever wondered what would happen if all of your company files were to simply disappear? How long would it take you to rebuild those files from scratch? How many of those files are irreplaceable? If you error on the side of caution to those questions, then you need to consider some sort of backup solution for your files, especially with the widespread chance of getting a Ransomeware virus on your computer that can cost upwards of $500 to $1500, paid directly to the hackers who infected your computer to recover the files. And that's with ZERO guarantee of actually getting your files back. I read once that if you don't have 3 copies of the same file, you don't have a backup.

I have several clients that are in the graphic printing business. When I first arrived, neither had any sort of data management solution for their business. One company was holding all of their important files on a handful of USB storage drives that were being used as both backups and to server those files to the production printers. Their idea of backups was to copy files to the USB drives every so often which worked, but it wasn't efficient and there was very little data redundancy. The other company, was also using a USB drive for backups, however they would only back it up maybe once every 3 - 6 months. Otherwise, ALL of the production graphic files were located on the primary design computer. While both companies came out ahead and didn't suffer from any catastrophic losses before I showed up, I was able to talk them into going with a small file server with multiple hard drives that automatically creates backups of the files stored on it. They can now use these central file servers with the peace of mind that when a hard drive fails, there's a lot less chance of losing all of their data. As you may well know, some graphic files are near impossible to replicate from scratch and if either of the design firms were to lose their graphic files, they would have a very difficult time trying to re-create them.

Data Recovery

If you don't have data backups and you run into the problem of a hard drive failing, you also run the risk of losing all of your files. If you run into this type of problem, I can do some very low level procedures to try and recover the data at a low cost. If the hard drive is too far gone for our methods to work, I can send the drive off to a company that specializes in hard drive recovery with a very successful success rate. If this option is necessary, you can expect anywhere from $500 - $2000 or more to recover your data from that one drive. To put it into perspective, a file server with built-in data redundancy might cost most small businesses on the high side of $2000. Most of the file servers I have ordered for my clients, usually run between $800 - 1200 and this will generally accommodate 10 - 15 computers with no problem, let alone a SINGLE HARDDRIVE that might cost $2000 to recover...

At the end of the day, the question you need to ask yourself is whether you're willing to pay for insurance for your data. You pay for insurance for your car in the off chance that something happens. Hopefully it never does, but just in case it does, you've got coverage. By not having any type of backup system for your business, you're guaranteed that something will eventually happen, but the risk is whether or not you can recover from it.

Virus & Spyware Cleaning

Viruses, Spyware, Malware and the fairly recent "Ransomeware" tend to be a common theme among Windows computers these days and they are becoming trickier to remove by the day. If you and your computer have become a victim of these pesky and annoying infections, I can help. Even if you think your computer is beyond repair, I can usually remove the infections or as a last resort, will re-install Windows and bring your computer back to a "factory default" state. When most computer repair guys reload Windows, they don't usually back your data up. I DO! I will transfer all of your pictures, music, documents and anything that I believe (or you tell us) is of value to you.