Printer Setup & Support for Small Businesses in Wichita, KS

Printer Setup & Support
Image: Printer

Despite the paperless world of computers, the need always arises to print something off, whether it is travel plans, business meeting notes or customer forms.

InkJet & Laser Printers

I can setup both InkJet and LaserJet printers for you office needs. This includes physically unboxing and setting up the printer as well as ensuring the connected computer(s) have the appropriate software and drivers to make it work.

If your business tends to print a large amount of pages, I recommend purchasing a LaserJet printer instead of the traditional InkJet printer. LaserJet printers come in both monochrome (black & white) as well as color options. While the price of a color LaserJet can be quite a bit more than an InkJet printer from the initial purchase and ongoing maintenance, the savings are seen over the life of the printer. If you don't print very much, buy an InkJet.