Wichita Small Business Network Installation & Support

Networking Setup & Support

The Wichita Computer Guy offers both wired and wireless networking installation and support for small business customers.

Router, Firewall, Switches, Modems, Access Points etc.

If you need basic wired or wireless networking help such as help with the router, firewall or switches within your environment, I can help advise and setup those devices. I can work with most existing equipment, however if new equipment is required, I will usually recommend and push for higher end networking equipment designed specifically for small to medium business locations unless I feel the environment is basic enough to run cheaper, lower quality equipment.

Cable Management

In case you need help with physical copper network lines, I can terminate wired networking of existing cable runs (Cat5e & Cat6) however I refuse to run lines unless they are super easy to run such as lines over ceiling tiles or running lines in new / open construction. Typically for new construction, your electrical guys will run lines. Termination usually includes the patch panel, wall plates and adding RJ45 connectors where needed. I am unable to service fiber lines.

Complex Networks

If you are a business customer with a large or complex network, I unfortunately will not be able to offer services for your environment at this time.