How I Fixed "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network" G1

Thursday, August 06th, 2009
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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

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First off, I want to say that I LOVE my Android based G1!! It is the best phone I have ever owned!

Ok, with that being said, I was driving home late one evening and ran into the horrifying issue of "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network" which is apparently specific to the G1... Some people have reported that they receive this while roaming but as far as I know, I was never in an area of roaming...

In attempting to troubleshoot the problem, I tried changing from 2G to 3G, no luck, I tried rebooting with still no luck, so when I finally got home I did some research and found a suggestion that "airplane mode" might be causing problems. I fiddled with the airplane mode and still no luck...

A while back, I had downloaded a program off the market called "Any Cut" (Old Method... See Current Method Below) which basically lets you create a shortcut to just about any aspect of your phone, even system info areas that aren't accessible from the main settings menu. One of the shortcuts I created was "Phone Info" which shows all sorts of cool network info about your provider (mine being T-Mobile). While it is cool to see lots of numbers and letters, it really doesn't do anyone a whole lot of good unless they know what the stuff means. One area of the "phone info" shows the data connection statistics for the data plan and I noticed that while I wasn't connected to a network, It seemed as though I was connected to the internet. I usually have "auto-sync" turned off to save battery but figured I would turn it on to see what would happen, but still being skeptical. Next thing I know, I get a "new e-mail" notification! (but still no voice service)

So, what does this have to do with fixing the problem of "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network"? Well, I don't really know what it all means, or if it will fix your phone or not, but I will tie the "Any Cut", "Phone Info" and "Auto-sync" together in hopes that it might also help you.

Current Method

Update 2012/01/17: I want to note that I've learned an easier method for accessing the phone info outside of anycut. You might give this a try first before downloading AnyCut. (Instructions below under the "Archive Method" heading)

1. Open the phone dialer
2. Enter: *#*#4636#*#* (Once entered, you will be taken directly to a "Testing" page) [4636 spells INFO]
3. Tap Phone Information
4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you should see a button that says radio off. Hit this button and when it reads radio on Hit it again to turn the radio back on. <-- (Not a Typo)

I'll also note that you should check the "Set preferred network type" setting. Something weird might have happened and this setting is no longer correct. Changing it "shouldn't" hurt anything, just remember what the original setting was incase you think you should go back to it and I personally haven't had any luck with changing it on my GSM carrier (it just defaults back when I exit the phone information screen), but I've been able to change it on CDMA carrier phones and it will stick with the new setting (This is largely due to being able to completely turn off 4g and force the phone to 3g which saves battery). If you are unsure what your carrier is, you can probably do a google search and figure it out pretty quick.

The following is a list quoted from a guy named pjmo of what the different options mean: (link to original content no longer works...)

For simplicity, there are two main types of cell carriers, GSM and CDMA. The following popular data communication technology is associated with each cell carrier type:

GSM = GPRS (2g)
HSDPA(3g) {Cell Carrier examples: AT&T and T-Mobile}
CDMA = CDMA*(2/3g)
WiMax(3/4g) {Cell Carrier examples: Verizon and Sprint}

Now that the general stuff is out of the way, here's my take on the Preferred Network types:

WCDMA preferred - The GSM phone is capable of using both 2G and 3G data communication and when signal strength is low 3G is favored more.

GSM only - The GSM phone is capable of using only 2G data communication. When the 2G signal is too low you get nothing at all.

WCDMA only - The GSM phone is capable of using only 3G data communication. When the 3G signal is too low you get nothing at all.

GSM auto (PRL) - The GSM phone is capable of using both 2G and 3G data communication and when signal strength is low 2G is favored more. This one is a bit confusing to me since PRL is associated mostly with CDMA technology and not GSM technology.

CDMA auto (PRL) - The CDMA phone is capable of using both 2G and 3G data communication and when signal strength is low 2G is favored more.

CDMA only - The CDMA phone is capable of using only 2G data communication. When the 2G signal is too low you get nothing at all.

EvDo only - The CDMA phone is capable of using only 3G data communication. When the 3G signal is too low you get nothing at all.

GSM/CDMA auto (PRL) - Some phones are equipped with both GSM and CDMA capabilities. This setting appears to just have the phone attempt to stay connected to the data communication type that works the best. (Maybe the Samsung Galaxy S will take advantage of this???)

Unknown - If none of the above fit or the phone is acting weird as far as connecting to the carrier, you will see your preferred network type is set to this

Update 2012/08/08: Grant also mentioned in the comments, that you might have to change/set the network provider in: Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode (This might be slightly different from phone to phone)

Update 2012/11/07: JayJay mentions in the comments that another possible solution, might be to remove your simcard, stick it into another phone and power it up, then power it back down. Put your simcard back into your original phone and power it up. Let us know in the comments if it helped you!

Update: 2013/09/24: Galaxy S3 users may not be able to use this method... I have a friend who has an S3 and it would not work. It has also been confirmed in the comments below that *#*#INFO#*#* doesn't work. You might take a look at this forum topic for some suggestions, "or" try the older anycut app method I originally outlined below.

Archived Method

1. Connect to a wireless connection and download "AnyCut" from the market

2. Create a shortcut to "Phone Info"
(menu -> add -> shortcuts -> Any Cut -> Activity -> Phone Info) Click "OK" on the "Edit Shortcut" screen

3. Try turning off / on auto-sync
(menu -> settings -> Data synchronization -> Auto-sync) Wait for the sync arrows to appear

4. Go back to the home screen and click on the new "Phone Info" shortcut

5. scroll to the bottom of the screen and you should see a button that says radio off. Hit this button and when it reads radio on Hit it again to turn the radio back on.

After turning the radio off then back on, It took about 5 seconds and I had a connection to the tower again!!

If it works, (or doesn't work) let us all know in the comments so others can see the results!

Edit: 2009/03/22 Ok, as much as I hate to admit defeat... I'm pretty sure this method is a complete bust and it turned out to be pure coincidence that mine was fixed... (I'm betting now it was network issues...) Anywho, I'll leave this up in hopes that SOMEONE might benefit from it.

Edit: 2011/01/25 Read through the comments as several folks have some additional tricks that might work for you.

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You my friend are a genius! I would love to send you a box of Indian sweets for getting my International Roaming work! I had complained to everyone, searched high and low but until I found this site, it was a nightmare! Here is what happened:

My SIM card is from India and apparently its from the 2G timeframe. I had it on iPhone 4S and it was working just fine. On 1st Jan 2017, it went out of network. Any amount of reboot, SIM out-in wont work. I even tried in my old Samsumg S2, no joy. Then I went to the store and they put it in a Samsung Note 3 and the darn SIM worked! Then Im back home but no joy on S2 or iPhone 4S.

Then I chanced on your article and I made two changes.
1. I changed the network option to GSM PRL
2. I switched the Radio off and back on TWICE

Voila! Im back in the network.

It might appear that ATT is moving away from old network and thats best explanation I could come up with!


Tried in mi phones mi 4i mi max. There is no change. Still problem exists.

If you have solution let me know


thanks Buddy

its really help me

Thank you so much! You just fixed my HTC One that two different stores told me was broken...

Am Using The Sony Xperia and totally it has failed to pick the sim card network.
when i try to search and connect to the network it all fails.

Thank you so much, this fixed my Yotaphone 2, I had nearly given up. I was going to have to send the phone back because a phone needs to be a phone right? :)
I saw a bunch of sites/pages with fixes, but none I came across mentioned this.
I have no idea how the radio was set to off, but I'm relieved it's working perfectly now!

Bro, today i updated my Moto G 3rd Generation 2015 Edition phone to Android 6.0 Update but after updating the sim card (TATA DoComo) is not registering to the network.I tried that DIAL CODE but still its not working. Please help me bro. I have also mailed Motorola for this issue.

the current method worked perfectly for me..

1. radio off/on
2. WCDMA preferred

my mobile is a HTC ONE X and after the above 2 steps, in about 10 seconds i had a full network strenth signal. that was freakin awesome man!!

Thanks :-) Upu saved my life! It worked...

This doesn't work !

I have Moto G US retails version and after flashing CyanogenMod ROM I had same problem.

Before that I had done this to my Moto G TX1032

1) Wiped System, Partition, Cache and everything
2) Flashed Custom Bootloder
3) Erased Radio / Kernel everything

4) Installed Moto G Kitkat 4.2 ROM

After that my phone gave problem like this "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network"

I found original Stock Firmware from this website.

found my Firmware and Tools for my Moto G model

Flashed the ROM by extracting Zip file.

Now, it's wokring with CyanogenMod Lollipop 12.1 ROM.

What was happened ?
# At first I had erased everything including radio, kernel, ROM etc.

# Then, I installed MOTO XT1032 version ROM which was not stock ROM and not from US Retail ROM.

#Because of Wrong Moto G firmware my SIM card signal was jammed and Radio was Off.

Findout where you bought your mobile and install the Firmware accordingly.

It will work.


Thank you to

Thanks, hope you like it.

Thank you!

"Calling" *#*#INFO#*#*, then turning the radio off then back on worked for me!
MyTouch 4G Android

I found the fix for the issue. The network type was disconnected, hence, switching from GSM/CDMA auto (PRL) (which had no affect) or any other for that matter, and then to GSM auto (PRL) and Voila, it was connected to GSM. Ran ping test and could resolve to hostanme (

Put the sim in cdma mode
Try to send an sms by saying PRL to 52532 to solve the problem

hi plz i was wondering if you can help me i bought an unlocked blue life play 2 on amazon {not knowing unlocked didnt mean unlocked} to replace my broken verizon plan phone. plz may i have detailed instructions. if possible. on how to make this phone work w my current verizon account. tyvm

Dear all,
i didnt get 3g enable even i select gsm/utms in my s3 verizon i9300 please help me how this can be fix

In my case I have rooted my phone and went from stock rom to jellyblast custom rom.
But the thing is I had the "your sim doesn't allow connection to this n/w" problem before I rooted my phone. I don't know if rooting could pose a problem with my connection? If so please give advice?

Tried everything presuggested.

I recently got my phone from china which is note 4 clone(my first mistake) I tried your method but no success.
it also displays full signal strength even with out inserting sim Card
And if you place call with out sim it say no sim
if you place calls with sim it says networks not available
so please I really appreciate if you can help

bsnl cdma sim is not working in HTC Desire 516c. Although it is working in another CDMA Mircomax handset. Moreover Reliance CDMA sim card is working the HTC Desire 516c. Please give me the solution

My phone's radio is already off. When I try to turn it on, it isn't turning on. Please help.

Pls help me. When my network type turned into HSDPA my service state would automatically said out of service. It's been happening for a week. What will I do.?

i frnds i have htc 710 E kept network of vodafone and idea but it doesnt get network of airtel plaese help me.i try *#*#4636#*#* and change the radio option but it doesnt work.Reply fast.


Thanks a lot for the solution. It worked !!!

my htc xe sensation works on smart telecom but not in globe. it is already open line but my sim card does not allow connection to the network... help me please. thanks...

This is amazing stuff.. problem resolved in seconds ... the best way is to try changing preferred networks from GSM to WCDMA or vice-versa... play around it for a while... try running ping test and you will see results for sure...

make sure you do are aware of the default setting when you opened the Phone Info.

Help please I have the same issue my phone says selected network (tmobile) unavailable and every time I click on it it says your SIM card does not Allie connection to thus network!! I don't know what to do I ship it out to LG 4 times and they just send it back saying it perfectly fine!!

Thanks for the solutions. I did the radio thing, and it didnt work.

Then powered down removed battery and sim card completely blew gently to make sure no setiment had got between the connecters, put it back together and its working now.

Thanks for the post.

This is very much interesting. Thanks for sharing this useful information.
Airtel Sim card

Turning radio off and on again was the solution for me. So thank you very much for help!! Btw Sony Ericsson Wt19i.

I have a unlocked T-Mobile HTC one phone and a simple mobile SIM but all of a sudden I have No network connection and nothing's working any ideas pleaseee help

last night my phone stil working. but then when i woke up this morning and tried to txt my friend. and is said cannot send this message now it will send when the service become available. so i check my signal and it has 5 bars. but my sim says no service. i tried to reset factory, and turning on and off. taking of the simcard but it didnt work. cant connect to network my sim card not allowing me. :(

Big thanks for you help. Turning radio on and off repaired this problem.

I had given up hope when I came by this. And it worked to a T.

Thanks a zillion!

It's so awesome this "fix" still works! Believe it or not, it's one of the highest hitting pages to my site :)

I know it doesn't work for everybody, but I think it's awesome when it does. I personally haven't seen the issue since I first blogged about it (two phones later) but it's nice to know I've helped out a handful of people over the years.

HI Phil,

First of all thanks for providing such a meaningful and at the same time useful information. Unfortunately this doesnt work for me. Can you please help. I have HTC explorer and I am getting the same error again and again. I tried all even kept the SIM in another working device kept if for long but agin when I tried no results :( . Please Help!!!


Hey its not working with me,
I'm using Airtel Network on my samsung galaxy s3 phone,
that no *#*#4636#*#* is not working at all, have restarted my phone several times, have tried all methods but no one working for me.

Every time I select Airtel provider it says " Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network"

Plz Help...

Also, make sure you put the sim card in properly. Not backwards. Like I did.

this trick is 100% working for me!!!!

hi peps well 4 6 months now iv had no signal and How I Fixed "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network" was to email htc thay say its a hardwhere fall send it back and thay fix free of charge so give them a try i also tryed to unlock whith htc dev no luck ;[

Came across this page while looking up a different issue, I'm bookmarking this for WHEN I need it as both my HTC phones and T-Mobile just don't play nicely together!

I thought I needed top add this to all the possible forums where this problem is listed.

I tried the *#*#4636#*#*, removing battery, cleaning contact points, etc. for 4 days straight. Even removing the battery and sim for an hour or so.

What worked for me I realised was:
Remove your sim, put it in a different phone and start switch that phone on, then remove again and put it back into your android.

Somehow it seems like the android does not dismount my Simcard whenever I power down my phone, so I still get the error whenever I reset or power down my phone, but I dismount my sim by using another phone.

I'm hoping someone who knows more about simcards could find these posts and figure out a fix for it permanently.

Let me know if it worked for you.

It worked thanks a lot

Thanks a ton man!!! solved my problem in minutes.

thanks a lot.

all the information posted here is so useful to me.

i got my phone working back.


I have rooted my HTC Explorer and phone was good @ 3G Connections until couple of days back . Now I am able to select only "GSM Only" in the Network Mode. WCDMA Auto or WCDMA Only does not bring any signal it is totally dead. I called my customer care and they inform that there is no problem from their end. I checked my SIM in another handset and everything works fine. I tried all the above options however nothing fixed . Please help me on this

It might be due to rooting the phone, but I say that loosely. Did you put a custom ROM on the phone? Like the CyanogenMod builds? If so, did you go from an older version of Android (stock rom) like Gingerbread to a much newer version like Jellybean? If so, the radio on the phone might be causing issues.

If you HAVEN'T updated to a custom ROM, I'm not sure what to tell you but the best place to start would probably be the XDA forums.

Anybody want to help me???After the hard reset HTC G1 indian sim card not working...any1 can tell me unlock code...

WOW! I was completely loosing hope! You helped me fix my phone! Thank you very much! :D

I have a Galaxy Note and it was on AT&T network. I had it unlocked so that I could use it for my T-Mobile service. Now that I am back with AT&T the SIM card is not being recognized. It says "SIM card not installed". The SIM card works just fine in other At&T phones. Will this solution help? If anyone can please help me I would appreciate it.

I have exactly the same problem. i got my Galaxy note fixed (changed the whole engine), before it got replaced it worked well with carrier A. after it got fixed, it cant connect to any carrier... any solution ?