Fix Base System Device for PCI\VEN_10B5&DEV_87D0

Saturday, October 01st, 2022
Last Updated:
Monday, March 13th, 2023

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If a device you've installed in Windows is giving the "Base System Device" warning and Hardware Ids begin with PCI\VEN_10B5&DEV_87D0, I might be able to get you on the right path for a driver.

At this point I'm a little fuzzy on what prompted these devices on my computer but I'm 99% sure it's from the Highpoint Tech 7105 raid card I installed. While these drivers aren't necessary for the card to function properly, it's still an eye-sore for those of us who care and if you're reading this, you know what I mean.

Specifically in my case, I was seeing the following device Hardware Ids from these Base System Devices (I had 4 in total which corresponds with 4 NVME drives):


Doing some digging, it appears this started out as a PLX Technologies PCIe device, who got acquired by Avago who also bought out Broadcom and uses the Broadcom name for certain things like the PLX Technologies intellectual property. It can get a little confusing.

Regardless, it turns out PCI\VEN_10B5&DEV_87D0&SUBSYS_87D010B5 is considered to be the Broadcom PCIe 8700 DMA Controller. I believe it's specifically the 8717 chip, but I could be wrong.

So, how do you get drivers for it? Surprisingly, Broadcom actually provides drivers: and as of this writing, the latest is v8.23 dated 11/18/2020.

1) Download: PCI/PCIe SDK Windows Complete Package (official link) |  PCI/PCIe SDK Windows Complete Package (mirror link)

2) Run the SDK package and when it asks which setup type you want to do, Complete vs Custom, choose Custom

3) On the "Select Features" page, uncheck everything except PLX API, Drivers, & Samples

4) This "should" install the drivers automatically for you, so you're all done from here! Just make sure you don't uninstall the Broadcom software and you're golden.

Me personally, I don't want the junk sitting in my C:\ drive that was copied during the Broadcom install, so I went into C:\Plx\PlxSdk and copied the entire Driver folder to hang on to for easier later Windows re-installs. Then I uninstalled the Broadcom SDK and called it a day but realized the uninstall will also remove the drivers. So, I had to go re-install the drivers again but point to the ones I copied. Rebooted and everything was happy without the extra fluff.

Hope that helps!

Oh, a quick note is that the devices will still show up in "Other devices", but they'll have a circle with a question mark and the driver name instead of the exclamation triangle with Base System Device. So, yeah, that is to be expected.

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I was having exact same issue with "HighPoint Raid Card SSD7105" and you save me a lot of time. I was on your same path but could not find proper driver, until I came across your website. you save my day.

Glad it worked for you too! I'm curious if you've run into any issues with your SSD7105 crashing your computer?